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Keyword research and analysis – The most important field in search marketing

It can’t be overestimated or overrated to say that building solid keyword research is the one most valuable activity you can do for your online business. What keyword research and analysis can do for you is not just help your SEO and Google Adwords Campaigns, but also knowing better your business niche and customers. If you know how to analyze the data and have that profound insights, it means you can even catch trends and be step ahead of your competition. However, investing in the right keywords could be a demanding and time consuming task. It takes deep research not just to find for the right queries, but also deep research into your competition and of course, some real testing. Unfortunately, that process is not a one-time thing, but constant process of research, testing and improvement. If it is so hard, should I do it? The short answer is YES! It’s not a secret that big companies invest good amount of their budgets in search marketing, because the return rate of it is so big and profitable. Let’s examine the basic of keyword analysis:

4 steps process of evaluating a keyword

Is that keyword right for my business?

First of all, a keyword should match few criterias:

  • 1. Is your content relevant to that keyword?
  • 2. If someone finds you by this keyword, is he going to find what he is looking for on your webpage?
  • 3. Is the content related to this keyword would make the searcher satisfied with the result?
  • 4. Is the landing page that a customer visit by this keyword going to make any potential profit to your company?

If you have positive answers to this questions you are on the right way towards the next step.

How this keyword is ranking already?

Know your competition. Exploring who and how ranks for the particular keyword gives you a brief overview of the keyword difficulty and value for conversion. You should ask how many companies advertise for the keyword? Who ranks at the top of the SERP? That can show you how hard would be for you to rank or advertise. Is it worth it? Isn’t too crowded already? There is no best answer for that. It depends on your brand and company goals, but most of the times you should look for keywords that has medium to low competition. Collect some data with PPC Campaign The easiest way to know if a particular keyword has a long term value, investing in SEO or not, is to buy some sample data by PPC Campaign in Google Ads or Bing Ads. If you do that and move forward, keep in mind that you should have significant enough testing data to analyze everything properly. Aim at least 500 impressions and track CTR and the Conversion rate.

Analyze the testing data from the PPC Campaign and make decision

For example, the company X has 500 ad impressions per day that lead to 100 visits to your landing page. From those 100 visitors, there were 3 who bought your product for $100. Revenue that totaled in $300 of profit with 3% conversion rate.

What does the collected keyword data means?

It depends how much you spend on the ad. But for example, if each of those clicks cost you $2, the cost to advertise would be $200, which make you have $100 profit a day. In the course of a year, that would make $36,500 per keyword. Not bad to invest in, right? Without a doubt, you should have long term strategy to invest in keyword research and analysis, if you want to have the edge on your competitors.

4 steps process of evaluating a keyword